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Hillary Clinton's post showing her side-by-side with Bernie Sanders on the heels of his endorsement was her top Facebook post of the week. In case you missed it, her live video of the event got more than 2.6 million views.

Yet despite the long-awaited moment of unity, the Donald Trump campaign outpaced Clinton again on Facebook this week. Trump averaged 113,689 likes per post, compared with 31,499 for Clinton for the same seven-day period.

Trump's note (and video) of sympathy for the slain police officers in Dallas were his most liked and shared posts of the week, respectively. Then on Monday, Trump posted no fewer than 17 times as he rolled out a 10-point plan for putting "veterans first" … post by post. The veterans-friendly posts gave him a second boost for the week.

Data source: CrowdTangle API. Above: 'Likes' per day for each candidate's official campaign account on Facebook for the prior 60-day period ending on the date noted above. Middle: 'Shares' per day by candidate. Below: Number of posts per day to the candidate's Facebook accounts. Current week demarcated by dashed line.


Top candidate posts of the week:

Here are the posts that received the most likes, shares, and comments respectively for each candidate in the past week.

Donald Trump

Most LikesMost SharedLeast Likes


Hillary Clinton

Most LikesMost SharedLeast Likes

Kate Stohr is a data journalist and community builder based in San Francisco, CA.