Devastating video reportedly shows Kuwaiti mosque bombing as it happened

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Separate terrorist attacks in three countries have killed more than 50 people in total this morning, with terrorist group ISIS claiming responsibility for two of the attacks, the New York Times reports.

In Kuwait, a country that until today has been spared from ISIS-inspired attacks, a bomb erupted during Friday prayers at a Shiite mosque, killing 25 people, according to the BBC.

Reported CCTV footage of a man entering the mosque, and a following explosion, is being widely shared in the country. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Voices in the video, presumably taken by security officers, scrutinize the vehicle in the background, which an unidentified man stepped into just seconds before the attack. "See, after the explosion, he leaves right away," a voice says.


In Tunisia, a gunman killed 28 people at a beach resort—authorities don't yet know who was responsible for the attack. The Guardian reports that British, German, and Irish nationals were among the casualties.

One man told the BBC he was sunbathing on the beach when he was told to get inside:

It's the second attack on a tourist destination in Tunisia this year—a country which relies heavily on tourism. Terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for the March incident at a museum in which 21 people were killed and 41 injured, but no group has done so for today's attack.

Meanwhile, France is on high security alert today after a man was beheaded in an attack on an American-owned gas factory. French President Francois Hollande said this afternoon that the suspect in the attack is in custody, the Associated Press reports. ISIS has claimed responsibility for that incident.


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