Devin Nunes Plays Himself Yet Again

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California Rep. Devin Nunes, the former chair of the House Committee on Intelligence and a certifiable Dumb Asshole, is suing Twitter and a bunch of people who created accounts making fun of him for a quarter of a billion dollars. Because this was an extremely poorly thought-out plan, Nunes’ crusade has had the unintended effect of drawing exponentially more attention to these Twitter accounts.

Two of the accounts Nunes is suing are @DevinNunesMom (an account pretending to be his mom) and @DevinCow (pretending to be his cow?). While the Los Angeles Times reported that @DevinNunesMom has been suspended already after Nunes’ actual mom complained (unreal), Devin Nunes’ Cow is taking off. @DevinCow has jumped from having around 1,000 followers when the suit was filed to over 134,000 since the time of this writing.


Oh, and there’s also this:


In addition to the two accounts, Nunes is also suing Liz Mair, a Republican political activist known for her own horrible tweets. In a statement issued on (where else) Twitter, Mair declined to discuss the specifics of the case.

On Monday, Nunes told Sean Hannity that he plans to file even more lawsuits. “We have to hold all of these people accountable, because if we don’t, our First Amendment rights are at stake here,” Nunes told Hannity. “How is it possible that I can be attacked relentlessly, hundreds of times a day by fake accounts that [Twitter] claim in their terms of service should not be there?”

Here’s a better idea: Log off, buddy.