DHS Begs Us to Think of the ICE Agents Who DON'T Terrorize Immigrants

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After weeks of fierce protests and increasing calls for the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, it seems as though the Department of Homeland Security is once again catching on to the idea that terrorizing and detaining some of the most vulnerable people is maybe not the best look.


So today, DHS has decided to do a little brand rejuvenation and dedicate both its own Twitter feed and the accounts of Border Patrol and ICE to highlighting what these agencies do when they’re not putting children in cages.


It’s about as weird and at times dark as you might imagine propaganda from a xenophobic government organization trying to convince you that it’s actually good—essentially, #NotAllICEAgents—to be.

For the record, no one thinks that saving peoples’ lives is a bad thing.


No one is protesting the rescue of those impacted by hurricanes the government was vastly underprepared for.


People are not marching in the streets because we’re mad about catching child predators.


Folks aren’t desperately calling their representatives to crack down on jersey knockoffs.

It’s hard to imagine that this attempt to derail the conversation about immigration happening in the country today will actually work, but it’s pathetic nonetheless.

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