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Normally, I hate even acknowledging the Star Wars prequel's existence in the world. But today, this deleted clip emerged, where GASP, Jar-Jar Binks dies.

In the scene, Obi Wan Kanobe, Anakin and Jar Jar Binks emerge from some submarine/boat vehicle, only to realize that OH MY GOD THERE’S A WATERFALL HERE. Obi Wan dramatically pronounces that there isn’t enough power for them to escape the waterfall and grabs his handy dandy pocket spear, which he shoots into the middle of a brick.

The John Williams (bless that man’s soul BTW) score aptly emphasizes the danger of the situation, as the watercraft teeters on the edge of the waterfall. Obi Wan and Anakin save their own asses, like any selfish Jedi would, and get themselves to safety. Then they turn around to see Jar-Jar in the boat like, “why are we friends with him again?”

As with everything in the prequel trilogy there are just so many questions. Isn’t Jar-Jar Binks from an underwater world and a really good swimmer? If he’s a really good swimmer, why was he hesitant to jump in the water? How does Jar-Jar just sit in that boat for SO LONG when he knows how to swim? How could that one tiny pocket spear lodge in a brick wall and support an entire boat with three bodies inside against the tide of a waterfall? Aren’t Obi Wan and Anakin holding their upper bodies suspiciously high out of that water given how strong that current must be? When they got to safety and realized that Jar-Jar was still in the boat, how could two Jedi knights not levitate that ship? How did the boat rest on the edge of the waterfall that long?


BUT WAIT. If you look closely, it doesn’t really look like Jar-Jar is on the boat when it falls off the cliff. AND here’s a video of the same clip from 2007, only at the 1:06 mark, Jar-Jar is typical, flakey Jar-Jar and slips out of the goddamn boat in a rare moment of plot consistency.

Better yet, maybe Jar-Jar should have stayed in the boat.

Makes us really excited for the now-Disney-owned (hi parent company!) final trilogy that’s being completely rushed and is coming out in 2015 even though the script isn't ready. Oh, wait.


An unofficial representative from Disney responded with the following:

(*Disney didn't actually say that. We love you, parent company!)