Did Sebastian Gorka Fart on His Radio Show?

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Everyone except me has been there: After a big meal, you shift in your seat a little and receive an unexpected visit from Mr. Botty Gas whom, unbeknownst to you, was waiting patiently at the door. The door to your butt.

Given that this is totally natural and not something to be embarrassed about, I feel there’s no problem in asking: Does it sound to you like Seb Gorka farted on his radio show yesterday?

A tipster, identifying himself only as the “The Hungarian Minister of Methane Gas Emissions,” sent along this clip of Gorka’s radio show AMERICA First and pointed out a suspicious sound, which occurs around one minute and six seconds into the video.

As you’ll note, Gorka pauses for a second, perhaps surprised by the sudden outburst. It’s unclear whether the fart, if that is what the sound is, came from Gorka or his guest on the phone, John Solomon. I’m not an acoustics expert but it sounds to me like it came from the studio; if anyone out there is an expert on either acoustics or farts, please let me know.


Splinter also consulted the fart experts at Deadspin. Samer Kalaf noted the sound was “pretty brassy,” and Tom Ley suggested that it ”sounds like a chair-muffled fart.”

We asked Dr. Gorka for comment on whether he did, in fact, do a fart, which is nothing to be ashamed of. We will update you if we hear back.