Did Stephen Miller Just Go On TV with Spray-On Hair?

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Glue-eating dickhead Stephen Miller appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday to ramble on about government shutdowns, Donald Trump’s border wall, and the benefits of killing the Affordable Care Act with no viable replacement. But it was hard to pay attention to anything he said because I couldn’t stop staring at his head.

Someone on Twitter pointed out that he may have used spray-on hair and that he “looks ridiculous.” I tend to concur. Most men use spray-on hair because you “totally can’t even tell.” But I think in Miller’s case, you can. Hmmm.


As someone else pointed out, Miller seems to have forgotten to spray the back of his head. Luckily, CBS producers ensured that we can view Miller’s head from all angles.

Here is the entire interview. I recommend watching it with the sound muted to avoid suffering through Miller’s grating and condescending voice, which makes you want to punch the screen, as well as his even worse ideas.