Did You Notice Trump Seriously Slurring His Speech During That Jerusalem Announcement

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Donald Trump announced Wednesday afternoon that the United States will formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and will move the U.S. embassy there from Tel Aviv. Although the news—which is both a major geopolitical shift and a disastrous idea—had been expected for days, Trump mixed things up a little bit by noticeably slurring his speech.


After declaring he would “acknowledge the obvious”—Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel—Trump closed the speech by saying: “Thank you, God bless you, God bless Israel, God bless the Palestinians, and God bless the United Shhhstates.”

Trump’s botching of the end of the speech didn’t escape many viewers.


As I’ve emphasized before, I’m no doctor. But someone should, perhaps, examine President Trump. Or at least get him a nice glass of water.

Managing Editor, Splinter