Disabled Baby Goat Takes First Steps With Rescuers' Help (Feelings Warning)

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A baby goat in New Zealand named Frostie was found covered in lice and severely dehydrated. He was also born with joint naval disease, an infection found in cattle and goats that is derived from the umbilical cord, and has left Frostie unable to use his back legs.

But thanks to animal rescuers at Edgar’s Mission in New Zealand, little Frostie is able to walk again, with the help of an adorable tiny little wheelchair-like contraption. He's even friends with a piglet who can't use his back legs as well named Leon Trotsky. Here you can watch the full video of the kid (that’s what they call baby goats, remember middle school?). Warning: you might want to have a box of tissues handy, even if your heart is made out of black coal tar.


Did you make it through the little baby goat cry at the end? Well, I didn't either so it's all good. Go find a cat to hug or something.

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