DL Hughley torches Colin Kaepernick's haters: 'Black people do not get an escape from reality'


D.L. Hughley, the actor and political commentator, went on Chris Cuomo's CNN show Tuesday morning, and was prompted by Cuomo to talk about whether NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest was "the right way" to  register his discontent with racism and police brutality in America.

Cuomo wasn't necessarily aligning himself with the point, but Hughley took that viewpoint to task regardless:


"Well, I think it's ironic, because Kaepernick is being silent to protest the treatment of people of color in this country, and America is being silent when people of color are being mistreated, so there's nothing more American than silence," Hughley said. "Ultimately, the question is not 'How do black people feel about America?' It will always be about how America feels about us. You'll see people come out and say they're opposed to Kaepernick is doing. None of those people come out and say anything when people are being brutalized. Not one thing."

"Ultimately, football is an escape, and black people oftentimes do not get an escape from reality. Reality confronts us all the time. There's no Sunday off."

Social media's reaction to Hughley was positive:


Hughley also posted a video to his Twitter page on Monday praising Kaepernick's protest:


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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