Do Wall Street Trump Supporters Actually Believe His Shit? We Want to Know

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Donald Trump—a president who consistently lies and makes provably false assertions—has millions of supporters. Many of those supporters work on Wall Street, managing everyone’s money. Have you seen these people? What the hell is their deal? Please, email and tell us.

Here’s the thing: both the mythology of Wall Street and, to a certain extent, the reality of finance depend on the idea that the richly-paid people who make all the strategic buying and selling and investing decisions are very smart, and that they are uniquely positioned to deploy capital wisely because they have superior access to facts about the world, which they presumably use to analyze the state of world correctly in order to optimize those capital flows. The entire field of money management would seem to demand, above all, a ruthless adherence to reality. And—even leaving aside questions of political ideology and basic human decency—a defining characteristic of Donald Trump and his administration is a bold commitment to lying. Supporting Trump means backing a man who does not in any way subscribe to the existence of objective, verifiable reality. How does that work in the world of finance, exactly?


It is more than a little disturbing to imagine that the people who are making decisions about how to manage your retirement money are capable of watching a Donald Trump speech on Fox News and believing it. Something is epistemologically broken here.


So we want to know: Have you seen these Wall Street Trump supporters in the wild? Have you worked with them (or are you one of them)? Not just those who give him political support for selfish reasons, but actual believers. What do they believe? What happened to their bullshit detectors? And how exactly do they square their credulous acceptance of political lies with their ostensible fact-based jobs?

Please, email me with your stories of Trump supporters on Wall Street, or in any sort of financial jobs that would seem to require a belief in reality. You people have all of our money. What the hell is going on there?