Do you remember the perfect cast? 'A Goofy Movie' turns 20 today!

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Geeking out over here: A Goofy Movie was the first movie I ever saw in theaters and it turns 20 today!

If you remember the movie (if not, please go watch it right now, I'll wait), you remember that Powerline was essentially this incredible Michael Jackson-type who sang the mega-jams "Eye 2 Eye" and "Stand Out" and gave Max serious street-cred with his basic high school friends and his babely crush Roxeanne when he did "the perfect cast" on stage with his dad (the one and only Goofy).

Please allow yourself a 3 minute dance break for the above video.

It's been rumored online that Bobby Brown was the original choice to voice Powerline, but due to drug problems it got recast. Instead, the filmmakers cast Tevin Campbell, who got a record deal when he was 12 years old, and released his platinum-selling debut album in 1991. Campbell was on some other movie soundtracks in the '90s (A Thin Line Between Love and Hate), and is still making music today. Perhaps he should tour as Powerline? I'd buy tickets and rock the eff out…

Above: Tevin Campbell's 1990 hit, "Round and Round."

But back to A Goofy Movie: Even if you don't remember that classic scene or song, maybe you remember the road trip mixtape staple "On the Open Road," or "Hi-Dad" soup, or Big Foot, or "Lester's Opossum Park???" This movie is so good I want to spend the rest of the day watching it in bed. It's easily the most underrated Disney movie of the '90s.


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