Every Saturday, Fusion airs documentaries that look beyond the surface of pop culture and the issues our audience cares about, from society’s obsession with virginity to a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be part of genre defining music tour. Now we’re going to take it a step further, one film at a time.


Our new series “DocuMental” is a new way of viewing documentaries. The films will be shown in their entirety, but in between segments, journalist and host Mariana Van Zeller will interview the film’s creators and cast about the struggles they encountered making the film, their feelings about the topics presented, and what has occurred since the cameras stopped rolling.

For our premiere, DocuMental looked at the film “No Room for Rockstars," an inside look into the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. As the cameras follows musicians throughout the tour, we witness the challenges faced by both amateur and experienced artists.


One of the musicians featured in the film, Joe Candelaria from the band Forever Came Calling, spoke to Van Zeller about his own experience following the tour thousands of miles across the country in a deteriorating van, hoping to get the chance to perform.

Van Zeller also interviewed the documentary's producer Agi Orsi, and the director, Parris Patton, who actually slept on the van with Candelaria’s band during the making of the film.

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