Does Don Jr. Have Any Idea What Troops Do

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Presumed heir to the iron throne Donald Trump Jr. is a fool for the ages, and he demonstrated why yet again on Monday when he joined conservative attack dogs chomping on a two-year-old tweet by Rep. Ilhan Omar.


Sean Davis, a set of many tiny rows of shark teeth who co-founded far-right-wing gutter site The Federalist, seems to have started things up. He tweeted a misunderstanding of Omar using the hashtag “#NotTodaySatan” and a link to the personal blog of a woman who’s so-not-a-journalist that even Fox News has tried to stop using her.


Although that post was published today, I’ll save you the click: It focuses on an Omar tweet from October 2017, when she was still a state lawmaker.

It’s not much of a jump to assume conservative henchmen are now combing through Omar’s tweets any time something involving the troops, Israel, or the deaths of brown and black people happens—so the likely hook for this resurfacing was the attacks across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday which killed at least 290 people.

Enter Donj, who really is that stupid:


Let’s state the glaringly obvious to everyone else: Troops are meant to kill people; that’s literally their job. And American troops are very good at it, given their training and often far superior weaponry, and they were quite good at in the Battle of Mogadishu, which is what Omar was referring to. Yes, the U.S. famously had a Black Hawk shot down, but we killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 Somalian civilians. American troops: They kill people, you perfect moron!

Secondly: literally what? You’ve gone so far around on troop-loving that you’ve done a full 360 back to troops being killers. Donald Trump Jr. is just like his dad in this way—he’s so terminally wrong that he’s occasionally correct.

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