Does Jeb Bush's campaign logo have no chill?

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The day before Jeb Bush finally announced his candidacy for president of the United States, the former Florida governor teased the big reveal by tweeting the official logo for his campaign.

And boy, does it have an exclamation point at the end.


The visual is a red-white palette swap of the same logo the Republican candidate has been using since at least 1994, BuzzFeed News' Andrew Kaczynski noted on Twitter. (I reached out to the Bush campaign for comment on staying faithful to the original logo, and I'll update if I hear anything back.) It's also interesting (OK, mildly interesting) to note that the font used is a variation on Baskerville, which, according to a New York Times study by way of The Washington Post, is the most believable of all the fonts.

That makes sense—to a degree. Like, if you told me that Jeb was enthusiastic about running for president, I'd believe it. If you told me he was excited about running for president, I'd believe it. But if you told me that that he was also super chill about running for president, now that I just would not believe.

I blame the exclamation point. It really hammers the point home that yes, Jeb is running for president, and yes, he's into it. It's sincere, it's earnest—two qualities diametrically opposed to the definition of chill laid out by Alana Massey in a recent piece for Matter.

Not that that's a bad thing.

"Chill is different [than Cool]," Massey argues in "Against Chill." "[It] is agreeable because it is emotionally vacant. Chill is what Cool would look like with a lobotomy and no hobbies… Chill is a garbage virtue that will destroy the species."


Also, Taylor Swift has gone on record as having zero chill, and she's doing fine.


Still, I wonder if the decidedly non-chill exclamation point will hinder Bush efforts to capture the youth vote. Fusion recently found that W.'s brother polls pretty well among young Republican voters, but that was before "Jeb!" clang-clang-claaaang'd its way into the race.

Besides, I might have overlooked an even greater concern in focusing on the logo's lack of visible chill. Was it coming on too strong? Was it not coming on strong enough? (It was.) To clear things up, I contacted artist/comedian Casey Jane Ellison, the ultimate authority on this/probably any subject. While I wouldn't necessarily describe her as "chill," I would say that she's unflappable—meaning she's unable to be flapped. Her word would settle the matter.


And that word was "Ahh!"

Followed by "2016."

Thank you for your time.

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