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Part of Joe Biden's political appeal is the fact that he is a Real Nice Guy.

He is personable as hell. He sometimes messes up his job in embarrassing ways, which makes him relatable. Stephen Colbert really likes him. He rubs people's shoulders.


But Biden got a little punchy on Tuesday night, making a couple of subtle digs at Hillary Clinton without actually naming her, and feeding speculation that he will announce his candidacy any day now. (Also feeding speculation: The Washington Post accidentally publishing a story announcing Biden's candidacy.)

"It is necessary to end this notion that the enemy is the other party, end this notion that it’s naive to think we can speak well of the other party and cooperate," Biden said, a clear reference to Clinton's remarks at last week's Democratic presidential debate. (When asked about the enemy she was most proud of making, the Democratic frontrunner replied: "Probably the Republicans.")


Biden also played up his own role in counseling the president, distinguishing his influence from the post Clinton held during the administration. "We've had two great secretaries of State," he said, "but when I go [to meet with foreign leaders], they know that I am speaking for the president. There is nothing missed between the lip and the cup. Whatever I say, the president is saying."

So is Biden running? Seems like it. (Though my tarot expert Emily Hexe had a hard time confirming it.) Either that or he is working out some kind of personal beef with Clinton that has nothing to do with unseating her as the leading Democratic candidate, which would be weird but I guess is a possibility in the wide range of things that can happen on this crazy planet we call home.

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