When Allie Carter brought her chocolate Lab-Retriever mix into the Indiana Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area, she thought that the two of them would spend a lovely afternoon hunting gamefowl. That all proved to be true until the 25-year-old hunter's dog accidentally shot her in the foot with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Dogs, you'll remember from your first-year veterinary courses, do not possess the opposable thumbs or manual dexterity necessary to properly hold and operate firearms. How, then, did the lab manage to shoot his owner in the foot?

For starters, his name's Trigger and karma's a bitch on a good day, let alone when you invite it into your house like that. Second, Carter explained that she'd set the gun down on the ground momentarily (with the safety off) and she believes that Trigger stepped on the trigger, thus, triggering the firing mechanism.

In an ideal world, this is exactly what happened, but really, we'll never know if Trigger's just a clumsy pup with a forgetful owner, or a trained marksman preparing for the dog v. cat. v. human war.


Thankfully, Carter's been released from the hospital and is recovering just fine.