Don Jr. Says You'll Get Shot for Wearing a MAGA Hat in Chicago

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Donald Trump Jr. jumped back on his MAGA chud bullshit on Monday morning during an appearance with Fox & Friends, in which Donj made the racist claim that someone couldn’t wear a MAGA hat in Chicago without getting shot.

“You know, if you wore a MAGA hat in downtown Chicago you probably wouldn’t last too long,” Trump said, in reference to the alleged attack on actor Jussie Smollett, which Chicago police claim was staged by Smollett himself. “About two seconds ‘til you get shot.”


TMZ reported on Friday that “various law enforcement sources” told them that Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson had “overstated things,” and on Sunday the same outlet reported that Smollett had evidence to counter the Chicago PD’s claims.

That hasn’t stopped Donj, however. Speaking about Instagram’s “censorship” of one of his many posts about Smollett, Trump said his post stated he was shocked that people in Chicago weren’t wearing MAGA hats on the coldest day of the year.

On Instagram, Trump claimed that the social media platform removed the post. The post has since been restored. On his Fox & Friends spot, Trump went on to claim that he was being told by followers that Instagram was preventing some of them from liking his posts.


However, Trump’s performance shined when he spoke about how Smollett’s supposed sham of an attack was a disservice to all other credible racist hate crimes, as if he hadn’t baselessly alleged that Smollett’s report was fake from the start.

“This was a couple weeks ago, I started sort of questioning it before others because it just didn’t seem to add up to me,” Trump said, trying to rehab his own bad faith tweets into some sort of investigative gumshoe narrative. “It takes guts to actually go out there and question the narrative.”


Braver than the troops, this one.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan

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