Don Lemon Verbally Smacks the Hell Out of Conservative Pundit Who Tried to Talk Over Him

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Is Don Lemon good now?? After watching this clip of him verbally smacking the hell out of conservative pundit Matt Lewis on his CNN show last night, my cable news badness rankings are cast into chaos.

Lewis, a columnist for the Daily Beast, was on the show defending his remarks on the network earlier in the day—this guy is really on cable news a lot—that liberal protesters who’ve chased people like Ted Cruz out of restaurants are an angry “mob.” Lewis proposed a thought experiment: what if Hillary Clinton had won, nominated a Supreme Court justice, and Richard Spencer and his racist band of “alt-right” weirdos came to disrupt a Democratic senator’s meal. What then?? Mods??

Lemon, to his credit, didn’t let that glaring false equivalence stand: “Hold on, Matt. Matt, Matt, Matt. You had me until you said alt-right. Until you said alt-right you had me.” So Lewis dialed his hypothetical back to Tea Party people potentially hounding a Democrat, a thing that absolutely did happen.


What ensued was a lot of crosstalk, including from Max fucking Boot, who made an elder statesman call for civility, while Lewis demanded louder and louder that his fellow guests agree with his argument that a few members of the DSA constitute an angry mob until Lemon had to shut the whole thing down.

“Will you let me finish, Matt, please, before you jump in! I’m making a point, I can’t make it if you keep interrupting me,” Lemon said. “You can do whatever you want, you can leave the show if you want. Shut up and let me do it!”

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