Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a devastating exchange about his hatred of women

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Going into Monday night's first presidential debate, it was clear that the gender disparity between the two candidates—Hillary Clinton, the first woman ever to be nominated by her party for the highest office in the land, and Donald Trump, a man with a history of crude and offensive behavior toward women—was going to be a factor.

In the closing moments of the debate those dynamics came sharply into focus, as Trump lapsed into coarse sexism in the face of moderator Lester Holt's questions.

Bringing up his long standing feud with comedian and actress Rosie O'Donnell, Trump boasted "I said very tough things to her, and I think everybody would agree that she deserves it, and nobody feels sorry for her."


In fact, those "tough things" have included calling O'Donnell a "slob" who "talks like a truck driver."

Later, when questioned by debate moderator Lester Holt about his claim that Clinton lacked "a presidential look," Trump attempted to pivot to a question of "stamina"—itself a seemingly coded allusion to his sense of alpha-male self worth.

"To be president of this country, you need tremendous sta-mi-na," Trump alliterated, before devolving into a micro-screed about negotiating trade deals with Saudi Arabia.


Clinton, however, was more than willing to address the issue directly, offering an exhaustive list of her accomplishments during her time in public service.


Then, calling Trump on his bluff, she tackled his pivot from questioning her appearance to questioning her endurance head on.

"He tried to switch from looks to stamina, but this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs," she exclaimed, citing Trump's history of sexism as he shook his head and denied making the remarks.


Clinton then brought up Trump's own Miss Universe contest, and its 1996 winner.

"He called this woman 'Miss Piggy.' Then he called her 'Miss Housekeeping,' because she was Latina," Clinton explained, before dropping the hammer in one of the most powerful lines of the night.


"Donald, she has a name," Clinton declared.

"Her name is Alicia Machado and she has become a U.S. Citizen, and you can bet she's going to vote this November."


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