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It is a rule of all presidential campaigns that they must get derailed from time to time by irrelevant ephemera from decades ago, and the 2016 campaign is no different. There are lots of problems in the world, but Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have spent much of the past week arguing about 9/11, an event which was both objectively terrible and objectively 14 years old. It all started when Trump noted that George W. Bush was president during 9/11 and implied that he was somewhat to blame for the attack because he was president when it happened. Jeb Bush was mad about this, and he and Trump then went back and forth calling each other "pathetic."


Both men took to different platforms on Sunday to continue the discussion.

"It doesn't show that he's a serious person as it relates to being commander in chief and being the architect of a foreign policy," Bush told CNN's Jake Tapper.


Meanwhile, Trump tweeted about another bad moment of George Bush's presidency:

Trump also told the Washington Post that 9/11 would never have happened on his watch because he wouldn't have let any of the immigrants who carried the attacks out into the country.

The 2016 campaign: litigating the hot-button debates of 2002! Next week: Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum clash over who would have won the Civil War more quickly.

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