Donald Trump challenges London's 'rude' mayor to take an IQ test

It's been over two centuries since the U.S. and the U.K. last fired a shot at one another in open battle, but that hasn't stopped Donald Trump from opening up a war of words with some of England's political elite.

Speaking recently with Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, Trump lashed out against newly-elected London Mayor Sadiq Khan, calling statements made by Khan "rude" and "ignorant." Khan had earlier criticized the hotelier's remarks on Islam saying they risk "alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays in to the hands of the extremists."

"He doesn't know me, never met me, doesn't know what I'm all about," Trump told Morgan, adding "I think they're very rude statements, and frankly, tell him I will remember those statements. I think it's ignorant for him to say that."


He also challenged Khan to "take an IQ test."

Shortly after being elected, Khan, the first Muslim to be elected mayor of London, told Time magazine that he wanted to travel to the United States sooner rather than later, lest he risk not being allowed in under a Trump presidency, and its promise of a blanket ban on Muslims entering the country. In response, Trump promised "there will always be exceptions."

"This isn’t just about me," Khan explained to the BBC. "It’s about my friends, my family and everyone who comes from a background similar to mine, anywhere in the world."

Trump also lashed out at British Prime Minister David Cameron, who had criticized the mogul's proposed Muslim travel ban.


"It looks like we're not going to have a very good relationship," Trump reportedly told Morgan. "Who knows, I hope to have a good relationship with him but it sounds like he's not willing to address the problem either." He later added ""Number one, I'm not stupid, okay? I can tell you that right now. Just the opposite. Number two, in terms of divisive, I don't think I'm a divisive person, I'm a unifier, unlike our president now, I'm a unifier."


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