Donald Trump does not know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah, but he will one day!

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Donald Trump—the (still!) presumptive leader in the primaries for the GOP presidential nomination—does not know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah, he revealed in a radio interview Thursday.

Despite this, Trump said, he will some day know the difference between the two so hard that your face will melt.

The Guardian provided several quotes of the interview conducted by conservative host Hugh Hewitt. In it, Trump confessed, at the current hour, no, he could not identify key differences between the Palestinian organization Hamas and the Lebanese organization Hezbollah, but that this lack of knowledge did not matter, because he would learn about it later, and that it would be the best, classiest, most exclusive knowledge of Hamas and Hezbollah the world has ever seen:

Hugh Hewitt: So the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas does not matter to you yet, but it will?

Donald Trump: It will when it’s appropriate. I will know more about it than you know, and believe me, it won’t take me long.

HH: All right, that, I believe.

All right! That, I believe, is some good interviewing, Hugh Hewitt!

Answering another question, Trump said that he "will be so good at the military your head will spin," which sounds dangerous. Never one to waste a moment in the spotlight, Trump also took the time to confuse the Kurds, an ethnic group, and the Quds, the Iranian security force.


At one point in the interview Trump also claimed that he didn't need to know the names of the leaders of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah because they change so frequently; Hassan Nasrallah, The Guardian points out, has headed Hezbollah since 1992.

Donald Trump has the support of 30 percent of Republican voters nationally according to a new poll from Monmouth University.

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