Donald Trump Finally Tweeted About James Comey's Testimony

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Did President Donald Trump spend a large swath of the day on Thursday tied to a chair, with the adults in the room holding his phone?

We won’t know for sure until some White House aide leaks it to the press, but Trump didn’t tweet a single time during former FBI director James Comey’s nearly three-hour-long Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday. It took about 17 hours for Trump to weigh in. This morning, he finally tweeted:


It’s an interesting takeaway for a president whose administration has thus far been marked by constant false statements and lies, so much so that Comey testified he kept detailed records of his meetings with Trump because he strongly suspected the president would later try to lie about them.

Even though Trump was silent on Thursday, his eldest son was on the warpath, posting dozens of messages, including such revelations as “is this a joke” and a declaration that the Michael Flynn probe was “BS.” Keep it clean online, folks.


  • WHAT ELSE? WHAT ELSE YOU ASK? As the dust settles in the UK election, this much is clear: Theresa May, the Conservative prime minister, made a grave miscalculation in calling for an election that instead dealt historic gains to the Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, another one of those unelectable lefties. With an officially hung parliament, May was making a pilgrimage to Buckingham Palace this morning to ask the Queen for permission to for form a minority government.
  • Reality Leigh Winner, the 25-year-old government contractor charged with leaking classified material to the press, reportedly wrote she wanted to “burn the White House down” and move abroad, according to prosecutors.


  • Almost all the news on this Friday is Comey and Corbyn, who is vaporwave now. A meme:

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