Donald Trump floats the insane, dangerous myth that ‘large scale’ voter fraud is happening

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"Of course" voting fraud is happening all over the country, even while Republicans deny the problem exists, Donald Trump said on Twitter Monday morning.


While there is absolutely no evidence to support the notion that voter fraud is a widespread problem in the U.S. (a vast 2014 study found just 31 cases of fraud in 1 billion votes cast between 2000 and 2014), the remark was a more specific take on the GOP nominee's pushing the idea that the election will be "rigged" against him.


There's also some evidence emerging that all Trump's talk about "rigged" democracy could be having an impact. In a new poll out Monday, 41% of voters said they believe the election could be "stolen" from Trump by voter fraud.

But Trump, for all his railing against the GOP orthodoxy, is right in line with the party's hysteria about voter fraud in recent years as Republican governors in Kansas, Wisconsin, and other states have signed laws to crack down on voter fraud, which is statistically almost non-existent. Most recently, judges struck down North Carolina's voter ID law, saying the legislation is pretty clearly racist.

In other Trump news, the man who could be our next president had a pretty busy morning on Twitter.

He tweeted a video compilation of "creepy Joe Biden's greatest hits" with women:


And also retweeted an editor for the conspiracy theorist site InfoWars peddling a disgusting take on the allegations against him:

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