Donald Trump Goes Ballistic Over the Appointment of a Special Counsel in the Russia Probe

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Donald Trump has landed himself in a grave political crisis due to his habit of saying things that he should definitely not be saying, at least without having consulted a single political adviser or lawyer.

But because Trump refuses to ever learn from any of his mistakes, he decided to react to the news that the Justice Department has appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to oversee its investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia by...saying things he shouldn’t be saying.

Here come the tweets, complete with the misspelling of the word “counsel.”

Maybe someday Donald Trump will figure out that keeping his mouth shut might be useful to him?



  • Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby was found not guilty in a trial over her shooting and killing Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, back in September. Shelby, who is white, said she fired on Crutcher out of fear, although Crutcher had his hands above his head.
  • Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was found dead in Detroit late Wednesday. A rep called his death “sudden and unexpected.
  • In safe, likely enclosed spaces, Republicans are started to let a demented prayer escape their lips: “President Pence.”
  • The Daily Show did a bad tweet, and promptly deleted it when people pointed out the joke was transphobic.

Happy Thursday.

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