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Before you don your Sexy Donald Trump costume this Halloween, maybe just dress up your pumpkin as The Donald instead.


The Trumpkin is the latest Halloween recipe for social media gold: It is, simply, a pumpkin carved or painted to resemble presidential candidate Donald Trump. People have been posting their Trumpkins to Twitter and Instagram, occasionally with the stated mission to "Make Halloween Great Again."

So what is a Trumpkin? Well, most Trumpkins can be classified into one of four essential categories:

1. The Painted Trumpkin

These are Trumpkins wherein no actual carving takes place, but the exterior is painted in such a fashion to resemble Trump's face. Occasionally, a "wig" is placed atop the pumpkin to form Trump's hair.


2. The Rushmores

These are the opposite of the painted Trumpkins. Rather than relying on paint, these Trumpkins are impeccably carved to capture every single one of Trump's facial features. And he's got a lot of facial features.


3. The Mannequins

Part of Trump's appeal to his supporters is his larger-than-life character. These Trumpkins try to capture that by literally rendering him larger-than-life with a full body to accompany the fruit portion.


May I please introduce to you, Donald Trumpkin! Thank you Publick House for allowing me to do your pumpkin this year, I had a blast :) #pumpkinfest2015 #maine #Trumpkin

A photo posted by Abby Peabody (@abbledable) on Oct 11, 2015 at 7:51pm PDT


4. The Try-Hards

Look, we get it. You saw #trumpkin on your social media feed and thought you could give it a try. That's fine. It really is fine. No one is judging you.


#California #pumpkins are just what the doctor ordered! #hashtag (ya that's mine) #Donald #TRUMPkin #Sully #donaldtrump #monstarsinc

A photo posted by Cameron Ayala (@camronayala) on Oct 18, 2015 at 11:01pm PDT


Whoops, how did that last one get in there?

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