Donald Trump has won. Come process with us next week in Oakland.

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Donald Trump won. Donald Trump won slinging invective at the very people that Real Future has addressed itself to: the diverse coalition of people who see a bright future for an inclusive America. Donald Trump won by dominating Twitter and Facebook, tools once thought to be the province of young liberals. Donald Trump will soon be in control of the nation's vast surveillance and policing systems.


This is a crazy time to be thinking about the future. We have this conference, Real Future Fair, coming up next Tuesday in Oakland. And as we thought about trying to run our planned operations and program, it seemed unfathomable. Through the mostly sleepless night, we found ourselves coming back to one idea: now is the time to get together and organize.

So, as of right now, we're making the show free.

We are opening up the Fair to everyone in the Bay who wants to process what Trump's victory means for surveillance and privacy, the attention economy, or any hope of addressing climate change. To the people who have already bought tickets: thank you, and we'll be refunding your money. What we really want and need is your engagement and participation as we try to think through what commitments this new and unexpected future will require of us.

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