Donald Trump hates SNL now

At approximately 3 a.m. Eastern Time Sunday morning, orange, speed-popping, Hellmouth creature Donald Trump tweeted that, somehow, Saturday Night Live's portrayal of him is getting under his skin.


As it has for the past two weeks, SNL's cold open last night tackled politics, with a sketch at the second presidential debate. And as it has for what feels like my entire lifetime, it didn't take any particularly hard shots at either of the candidates. Likely the most offensive thing SNL's Trump, played by Alec Baldwin (who seems to think Trump's main characteristic is pursing his lips), did during the mock debate was say, "I love the kids. So much I want to marry them," which is almost verbatim out of the real Trump's mouth.


It's difficult to really see what Trump is taking issue with here—especially after the show allowed him to host last year, killing whatever satirical credibility it had left—since the mock-debate didn't hit him any harder than previous weeks.

Anyway, at least we can all agree that the media, beginning with Saturday Night Live, is rigging the election.

Sam Stecklow is the Weekend Editor for Fusion.

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