Donald Trump hires an insane person obsessed with the New Black Panthers to lead poll watching effort

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

GOP nominee Donald Trump believes that “large scale voter fraud” to "rig" the election for Hillary Clinton is already underway, and he’s hired a top Republican operative known for his shady tactics to be in charge of the candidate’s legion of volunteer poll watchers on Election Day.


The Guardian reported on Tuesday that Trump has hired Mike Roman, who’s best known for releasing a 2008 video of apparent voter intimidation outside a polling place in Philadelphia that sparked months of Fox News freak outs about the New Black Panthers.

Roman has also worked as a cog in the Koch brothers’ intelligence gathering machine, which one former official described to Politico as being “like the CIA.” And he has contributed to Breitbart, the alt-right website that both works as a de facto communications arm of the Trump campaign—and supplies its top executives.


Trump has for months suggested the results of the November election would be “rigged” against him and recently insisted—without any evidence—that Democrats are rushing to register dead people and undocumented immigrants before election day.

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