Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 6 times during one short answer

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Donald Trump can't sit still for 30 seconds. During Sunday night's presidential debate, Trump managed to interrupt Hillary Clinton six times while she was attempting to give one simple answer.


After Trump spoke at length about the private email server that Clinton used as Secretary of State, moderator Anderson Cooper gave Clinton time to respond. Trump, however, had no intention of letting that happen: He interrupted her three times as she tried to get a single sentence out.

CLINTON: It's just not true. And so please, go to—

TRUMP: Oh, you didn't delete them?

COOPER: Allow her to respond, please.

CLINTON: Personal e-mails, not offi—

TRUMP: Oh, 33,000, yeah ok?

CLINTON: Well we turned over 35,000.

TRUMP: Oh, yeah, what about the other 15,000?

After the third interruption, moderator Anderson Cooper pushed back. "Please allow her to respond," Cooper told Trump, "she didn't talk while you talk."

"Yes, that's true, I didn't," Clinton began—before once again being interrupted by Donald Trump.

"Because you had nothing to say," Trump interjected, beginning his transition from interlocutor to heckler.

"I'd like to get to the questions that people have brought here tonight," Clinton managed to say.


But there he was again to step on her time: "And get off this question," he quipped.

"Ok, Donald I know you're into big diversion tonight," said a visibly frustrated Clinton. "Anything to avoid talking about your campaign and the way it's exploding.and the way Republicans are leaving you—"


"Let's see what happens," Trump interrupted for the sixth time, prompting Cooper to reinsert himself by once again instructing Trump to allow Clinton to speak. Only then was Clinton able to finish her answer.

Trump was criticized by many observers for repeatedly interrupting Clinton during the first debate. Later, he admonished Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, for interrupting during the vice presidential debate.


Trump clearly sees no problem criticizing others for something he himself has been accused of. I know, you're shocked.