Donald Trump is extremely good at being extremely unpopular extremely quickly

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If we know anything about what fuels President Donald Trump (beyond Doritos) it's that he seems to love winning at things.


Well, according to new polling data from Gallup, he's halfway there—having set a new presidential record (winner!)… for being wildly unpopular (sad!)

While ordinarily it takes presidents at least a year or two in office for the majority of the country to disapprove of them, it took President Trump just eight days to cross the ignominious threshold of people who think he stinks.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

After starting his term split between 45% approval and disapproval (with 10% undecided) Trump's popularity as of January 28 has cratered to just 42% who think he's doing a good job, while 51% think—to use his own phrasing—that he's a "bad 'dude.'"

To put that in perspective, Forbes notes, it took President Obama 936 days to reach the same low milestone. George W. Bush got there after 1,205 days, while President Clinton lasted 573 days before crossing the line.

So, congratulations President Trump! You're already making history.