Donald Trump is freaking out at the judge who temporarily ended his Muslim ban

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On Friday night, James Robart, a judge who was appointed by George W. Bush to the Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington, issued the most comprehensive order yet against Donald Trump's executive order banning refugees and travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States. Robart ordered a temporary end to the ban around the country.


Almost immediately, airlines began allowing passengers who had been affected by the ban to fly to the U.S. again. The White House has promised to swiftly appeal Robart's ruling, but, as of this moment, the Muslim ban is temporarily dead.

And Donald Trump can't handle it.

First, his press secretary, Sean Spicer, issued a furious statement decrying the ruling and calling it "outrageous." But the statement was soon replaced by an updated statement which removed the word "outrageous." Presumably, Spicer thought that screaming about a constitutionally ordained process in this manner lacked a certain decorum.

Then, Trump himself weighed in on Saturday morning. You guessed it: not happy.

(Ed. note: it wasn't so much that Trump was saying who could and couldn't come into the country; it was more that, in the opinion of many, he was applying an explicitly prohibited religious test to that process.)


(Ed. note: it's also interesting that Trump is calling the ban a ban. What happened to it not being a ban?)


(Ed. note: "so-called judge" is a weird thing to call a real judge who just blocked one of your policies.)

It's always nice to see Trump handle setbacks like these in the calm and dignified manner we've come to expect from him.