Donald Trump is in FOURTH PLACE with people of color in a new poll

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A new CNN/ORC International poll released today offered the Clinton campaign some encouraging news. According to responses respondents contacted between July 29-31st, Hillary Clinton has bounced ahead seven points among registered voters after the Democratic National Convention, and is now back in the lead in both head-to-head match ups with Donald Trump, as well as in a four way contest against Trump, Libertarian Gary Johnson, and Green Party Candidate Jill Stein.

screenshot / cnn/orc international poll

But, perhaps more interesting than Clinton's newly regained lead in general, is how Donald Trump would fare when pitted against the Democrats, as well as both leading third party candidates—specifically, when it comes to non-white voters.

screenshot / cnn/orc international poll

Among non-white voters, Trump not only loses big to Clinton (not exactly a huge surprise) but he trails both Johnson and Stein.

Huh, wonder why?

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