Donald Trump is liked by literally 0% of black voters

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Dogged by allegations of racism and bigotry, Donald Trump has long struggled to connect with black voters. But a recent push by his campaign to reach out to the African American community had some supporters hopeful. So, how's Donald's outreach going?

Not great. Extremely not great.

On her Monday show, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow unveiled some new numbers from Public Policy Polling that show Trump with a 0% favorability rating among African American voters. Zero. None. Nothing. Zip.


97% of respondents had an unfavorable view of Trump. A whopping 3% were undecided. Yikes!

To add insult to injury PPP asked African American respondents to compare Trump to a number of time-tested irritants, including airplane middle seats, personal injury lawyers, and the bubonic plague. All of these things—even Ryan Lochte!—polled higher than Trump. Jeah, it's that bad.


As Maddow herself pointed out during Monday night's broadcast, there's ample room for growth here. Nevertheless, the overall takeaway for team-Trump is a grim one. In addition to being less popular than public restrooms among African American voters, Donald is losing to Hillary Clinton by five points, nationally, among all voters.

Here's the segment:

The full poll is expected to be released by PPP on Tuesday.

These latest numbers, however stark for Trump, are in keeping with what previous polls have shown—namely, that he is wildly unpopular among people of color. A July poll from Wall Street Journal/Marist/NBC showed Trump at 0% among black voters in the must-win states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.


Perhaps that's why, when asked about Trump's prediction that he would win 95% of the African American vote in 2020, Trump's own VP pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, could only laugh.