Donald Trump is making up ridiculous alternative facts to defend his appalling Muslim ban

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After another whirlwind weekend of mass protests across the country–as protesters flooded airports and city streets over President Donald Trump's executive order banning the entry of all refugees, as well as people from seven predominantly Muslim countries—the president lashed out on Monday morning, tweeting that the only people to blame for the situation were…Delta Airlines and Chuck Schumer.


Trump's protestations leave a lot to be desired.

A Delta Airlines glitch on Sunday evening did ground flights at 170 airports around the country but the FAA said the outages didn't affect international flights.


An anonymous Homeland Security official told CNN that 109 travelers to the U.S. were detained under Trump's order, but it's not clear where Trump was drawing his total of 325,000. Confusion over the scope of the order ruled the weekend, with mass uncertainty over whether or not dual citizens and immigrants with green cards granting them permanent legal resident in the country could also be refused entrance.

To suggest computer issues, protesters, and "the tears of Senator Schumer" were to blame, rather than Trump's likely unlawful executive order, is disingenuous at best and malicious obfuscation at worst.