Donald Trump Is Nominating Chris Christie's Personal 'Bridgegate' Attorney to Run the FBI

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On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he had chosen Christoper A. Wray as his nominee to head the FBI.

The move comes weeks after Trump ignominiously fired former FBI director James Comey amid the growing investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 election.


Wray is a former Assistant Attorney General who was nominated by former president George W. Bush to serve as the head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division in 2003. There, he helped represent the government in the 2004 fraud trial against Enron.

Journalist Marcy Wheeler tweeted about some potentially unsavory aspects of Wray’s Bush-era career.

In 2005 Wray left the DOJ for private practice, and is currently a partner at the DC lawfirm King & Spalding. Most notably, he served as Chris Christie’s personal attorney during the “Bridgegate” investigation into political corruption in New Jersey, where he infamously was found to be in possession of a missing cell phone owned by Christie that had been sought in connection to the case.


Time for some traffic problems at the FBI? It remains to be seen.

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