Donald Trump is openly threatening the GOP now

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Donald Trump is escalating his fight with the Republican Party about its presidential nomination process.

States like Trump Wyoming and Colorado elect delegates through state conventions rather than broader primaries or caucuses, meaning that state parties have a tighter level of control over the proceedings. Trump lost in Colorado and is expected to lose in Wyoming, and he's not happy about that. On Friday, he penned an angry op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, writing, "How have we gotten to the point where politicians defend a rigged delegate-selection process with more passion than they have ever defended America’s borders?"

The party has insisted that states have the right to decide how to choose their delegates, and that the system is fair. But, unsurprisingly, that's not good enough for Trump. At a rally in New York on Saturday, he openly warned the Republican National Committee that there would be trouble ahead, as CNN reported:

"The system is rigged," Trump said in Syracuse. "They gotta do something about it. The Republican National Committee better get going because I'll tell you what, you're gonna have a rough time at that convention in July … because people want to vote and the people wanna be represented properly."

Earlier Saturday, Trump said voters in Wyoming, where state Republicans are meeting in Casper, are essentially being bought off.


Eep. Good luck with that, GOP!

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