Donald Trump Jr. came to this school, so the students staged the most incredible protest imaginable

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National nightmare-in-training and very big boy Donald Trump Jr. spent Wednesday afternoon at Michigan State University, hoping to shore up support for his father in the crucial battleground state. There, speaking to supporters in the East Lansing school's Union Ballroom, Trump Jr. described his namesake's presidential aspirations as not just a campaign, but "a movement."

As far as actual movements go, however, the real action was taking place outside of Trump's rally, where a phalanx of badass protesters rallied against the Republican nominee. Waving banners declaring "a woman's place is in the Oval Office" and the flag of the United Farm Workers labor union, the group drowned out the smattering of doofuses heckling nearby with  deafening chants of "Trump is terror, demonstrating that the best way to stand against the xenophobic racism inherent in the Trump campaign is to get angry, get loud, and get organized.


According to Real Clear Politics' polling average, Donald Trump is trailing in Michigan by nearly 6.5 points.

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