Donald Trump Jr. Is Going Hogwild on Twitter Over Bomb Threats

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Not to gloat in a serious moment but: I ALWAYS KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE DON JR.

After his father (briefly) showed a single iota more restraint than he’s known for when commenting on the pipe bombs found yesterday addressed to Hillary Clinton, former President Obama, George Soros, and others, Donj came out swinging on Thursday at...CNN’s Jim Acosta. As you might imagine, there was a false equivalence spree going on:

Sorry, but CNN still isn’t calling the Trumps “racist” far often enough for my taste, and any reputable Name In News isn’t using “Nazi” lightly. But sure, these things are the same and also equally bad. Trump was referring to an incident back in February when his wife Vanessa opened a letter addressed to him that was found to contain a white powder later determined to be cornstarch. Vanessa Trump was hospitalized as a precaution and a Massachusetts man was arrested in connection with the crime less than a month later.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about yesterday’s events, including whether the bombs were functional and intended to detonate or not. So it makes tactical sense for Don Jr. to seize this moment. He’s lucky enough to have the support of the conservative media machine, which is whirring at full speed to explain away how it just so happened that several of the president’s absolute favorite targets all received bombs, which the FBI seems to believe came from the same source.


A glimpse at Failson Don’s “likes” tab on Twitter shows him “liking” charming tweets like this:


Along with coverage of his own SICK BURN of Acosta:


Hi Don, be sure to like and share this post with your valued social network of white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and people who think women lie about being raped!!

Update, 4:56 p.m. ET: Folks, he’s still at it!