Donald Trump Jr. to Give Foreign Policy Speech While Shilling Condos in India

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Noted foreign policy expert and large adult son Donald Trump Jr. is touring India this week to promote his family’s real estate projects in a way that will have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that his dad is both President of the United States and the head of a global real estate empire.

The Washington Post reports that Don Jr. is visiting Trump condo sites in Mumbai, Kolkata, and the New Dehli suburb of Gurgaon in hopes that potential buyers will want to meet him and cough up $38,000 for the privilege.

On Friday, he’s scheduled to give a speech on “Indo-Pacific relations” entitled, “Reshaping Indo Pacific Ties: The New Era of Cooperation.”


The Trump luxury project that’s being built in Mumbai—which features a private jet membership for residents—is being developed by the family of a state legislator, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the Friday speaking engagement. But Don Jr. assured The New York Times that the visit is about “cultivating relationships in India,” not using the office of the presidency to enrich his family or to pressure public servants into enriching his family.

“We certainly won’t get involved in that,” he said, when asked if the company would seek concessions or incentives for the developments from Indian officials. “Not at all.”


Seems legit.

Look for Junior’s foreign policy presentation to include a few Maury memes and the occasional photo of him leering over an animal he recently killed.