Donald Trump Jr. Weighs in on the Most Important Issues of the Day

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Sure, Trump diehards are predictably mad about last week’s anonymous New York Times op-ed on a clandestine White House resistance to President Donald Trump. But if there’s one thing this slow-moving train wreck has been missing so far, it’s the deep and penetrating insight of independent businessman Donald Trump Jr.—the president’s firstborn son and namesake.


Fortunately, that wait is over, and Donj has (finally!) weighed in. What a relief!

On Tuesday, a grateful nation finally exhaled as the nation’s First Big Boy offered ABC News his keen political analysis of the situation.


“It’s pretty disgusting, that’s pretty sad,” Donj explained, adding that “perhaps it’s a disgruntled person who’s been thrown out because they didn’t deliver on what they were supposed to do.”

Hm, yes, perhaps, indeed.

Then Junior, who is extremely not a lawyer, was asked what crime the anonymous op-ed writer had committed. “It’s subverting the will of the people,” he responded.


It should be noted that “subverting the will of the people” is not actually a crime. Neither is writing an op-ed. But hey, Donj gonna Donj.

During his ABC News interview, Trump Jr. also offered this keen analysis of the upcoming midterm, which isn’t looking so great for some high-profile Republicans. “You know, people get complacent,” he said of Republicans’ diminishing chances of keeping the House of Representatives. “Our side is getting all the things that they’re wanting to because my father’s delivering on all of the promises that he made.


“So our people, the MAGA people, they have to turn out,” he added. “They have to get out and vote. And I think we can break history.”

Buddy, it’s already broken.

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