Donald Trump Jr., who was never taught about phrasing, brags that his dad has touched many voters

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Clearly eager to prove those who think he has a future in politics wrong, Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday made a disconcerting remark about the voters his father has touched this election cycle.

During a sit-down interview with the whole Trump family on “Good Morning America,” host George Stephanopoulos asked the eldest Trump son if his father’s bruising election campaign has made him more or less likely to pursue an eventual career in politics.

“It’s a tough process, it’s a brutal process, but there is also that element that’s just amazing to be able to touch someone that way, and I’ve seen my father doing that,” Trump Jr. said as millions of viewers cringed in unison.


While innocuous enough, it's probably best to avoid those kinds of off-handed, eyebrow-raising remarks when your father remains embroiled in allegations of sexual assault.

Earlier in the interview, the GOP nominee called the allegations from 11 women that say he assaulted or acted in an otherwise sexually inappropriate way “fabricated” and “total lies.”

Trump has sought to discredit his accusers and most recently shamed Jessica Drake, who alleges she was offered $10,000 to meet with him alone, for her work in the adult film industry.

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