Donald Trump launches an ugly smear campaign against the women accusing him of sexual assault

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If you take Donald Trump at his word, the Republican’s presidential campaign is apparently in possession of “substantial evidence” to disprove the allegations from women who have come forward in recent days to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting and harassing them.


During a Thursday afternoon rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump called the mounting allegations “totally and absolutely false,” adding forebodingly, “the Clintons know it, and they know it very well.”

Trump, who recently appeared with the women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, took shots at the women who have told their stories to the New York Times, People, and other outlets.

“The people that said [the allegations] meekly…If you take a look at these people, you study these people, you’ll understand also,” he said.

The GOP nominee went on to try dismantling each woman’s allegations. He said there were “no witnesses, no nothing” to prove the story of Jessica Leeds, who said Trump groped her on an airline in the early 1980s, and asked why People writer Natasha Stoynoff didn’t include her account of Trump’s advances in a story she wrote about Trump’s first anniversary with Melania, which he said was otherwise “beautiful.”

“These people are horrible people, they’re horrible, horrible liars,” he said. According to Trump, the allegations have “already been debunked” by eyewitnesses and promised his campaign would related evidence to dispute the claims “very soon.”

He also attacked his accusers' looks.


Trump, who claimed that the flood of accusations was a conspiracy “orchestrated by the Clinton campaign and their media allies,” also said his lawyers are preparing a lawsuit against the Times. The paper responded to a letter from Trump's legal team with a letter of its own, daring Trump to sue.