Donald Trump Pissed Off the Entire UK Again

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During a particularly vigorous bout of “executive time” this morning, Donald Trump was watching a Fox & Friends segment about protests in London over the UK’s (free and universal) National Health Service and decided it was the right time to piss an entire country off with his stupidity again.

There’s just one problem with Trump’s tweet: People in the UK actually love the NHS—more than just about any other institution in British life. They weren’t protesting against the program, but rather demanding that the Conservative government, which has starved the NHS of money for years, fix the damn thing. This point was seemingly lost on President Trump, who would have his followers believe that the entire city of London was suddenly, inexplicably, opposed to never having to worry about healthcare again.


Fortunately it seems like the entire United Kingdom—at this point well versed in the fine art of telling Donald Trump to fuck off—was there to set the record straight. From everyone’s favorite prime minister-in-waiting Jeremy Corbyn to current health minister Jeremy Hunt to Prime Minister Theresa May, the objections were, well, universal.


Now seems like a pretty good time to note that the president’s long-awaited state visit to the UK has been reportedly thrown into question unless May can guarantee there won’t be any anti-Trump protests when he arrives.

Good luck with that.

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