Donald Trump reportedly considering plan to allow citizenship for some undocumented immigrants because what is real anyway

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Donald Trump, who literally called Mexican immigrants "criminals" and “rapists” in the announcement that he was running for president, will present an immigration plan that will allow citizenship for undocumented immigrants, according to reports by Univision and BuzzFeed.

Trump reportedly met on Saturday with the newly-created Hispanic Advisory Council, where Trump told the council he was interested in a “humane and efficient” with dealing with immigrants already in this country, according to BuzzFeed.

One of the 23 members of the advisory council included Houston-based immigration lawyer, Jacob Monty, who told BuzzFeed that Trump “said people who are here is the toughest part of the immigration debate, that it must be something that respects border security but deals with this in a humane and efficient manner.”


Republican National Committee spokesperson Helen Aguirre also attended the meeting, according to Univision. "Trump was very categorical in saying that he's seeking a fair immigration reform," Aguirre told Univision. "He wants to listen to everyone and announce his conclusions in the coming days."

Trump is scheduled to give a speech Thursday in Colorado and he will reportedly focus on immigration.


This is quite the twist for a candidate who last year cited a Fusion article that said 80 percent of women escaping Central America are raped on the journey to the U.S., and the “perpetrators can be coyotes, other migrants, bandits, or even government authorities” and interpreted it to mean that rapists are coming over, and “somebody's doing the raping.” Did Trump decide to change course after watching Jorge Ramos, who has called Trump’s immigration plan “all wrong”?

Aside from misreading Fusion in the past year, Trump has repeatedly said he would implement mass deportations and would increase border security. In his boastful comments about the issue, Trump has even insisted that he somehow will make Mexico pay for this new wall he is proposing. (To which former Mexican President Vicente Fox said in March "I'm not paying for that fucking wall.")


Not only has Trump made these statements, it’s a big reason for support from his fans.In fact, earlier this week, the National Border Patrol Council, 16,500-member coalition of border patrol agents, alleged Hillary Clinton's immigration plan is "luring families into the U.S. and wrecking innocent lives.

If you are wondering if you have escaped into another vortex, you are not alone.

On Sunday, CNN’s Dana Bash repeatedly asked new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway if Trump will still support the mass deportations of thousands of immigrants. Conway finally answered “to be determined.”


It's unclear what prompted this (alleged) shift. It might seem like a long time ago, but Hispanics used to once be considered a demographic Republicans wooed. In 2007, then-President George W. Bush issued an executive order to "bring undocumented workers already in the country out of the shadows." In 2013, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney proposed a plan for citizenship for undocumented immigrants. And even int his election cycle, two of the "Establishment Republican" party candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, have parents who emigrated from Cuba.

But according to July polls, Trump is trailing Clinton by 55 percentage points among Latinos. Polls earlier this year indicated that Trump would increase turnout among Latino voters,  because they will be voting against him.


Meanwhile, it's been a tumultuous week for Trump, including numerous reports of a "pivot" in his campaign. On Friday, Trump gave a speech in an appeal to African-Americans, where he hovers around around one percent support. Of course, his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, resigned on Friday after reports of his ties to the Russian government.

Fusion has plenty of reading for you, Kellyanne, while your team is "determining" their plan.

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