Donald Trump reportedly responded to the latest wave of anti-Semitism in the worst way possible

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President Trump reportedly suggested on Tuesday that the recent wave of anti-Semitic threats aimed at Jewish institutions across the country may, in fact, all just be one big hoax.

His comments come by way of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Stern, who claims the president discussed the bomb threats with a group of state Attorneys General. Noting that Trump initially called the threats "reprehensible," Stern said the president then went on to muse that "sometimes it's the reverse to make people—or to make others—look bad." According to Stern, Trump went on to use the same phrase several more times during their conversation.


"I don't really know what he means, or why he said that," Stern said. "It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me."

Trump's, uh, questionable assessment of the latest series of bomb threats comes the same day as top White House advisor Anthony Scaramucci offered a similar take on Twitter.


…one he seemed to double down on when pressed by Bloomberg's Mark Gongloff.


This latest foray into the administration's bizarre flirtation with anti-Semitism denial comes after an extended period of relative silence from the president in the face of widespread crimes targeting Jewish communities across the country. Only after weeks of intense pressure from Jewish groups did Trump speak out against the bomb threats and acts of cemetery vandalism during a recent visit to the Smithsonian's Museum of African American History. There, he called the attacks "horrible" and "painful."

But, look, Trump and Scaramucci aren't explicitly accusing Jews of collaborating with the Democrats to engineer a series of false flag bomb threats on synagogues, community centers, and schools across the country, right? They're just asking questions, maaaan.