Donald Trump Saying 'Havana' With an Accent Is the Last Thing You Hear Before You Die

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On Friday afternoon, Donald Trump spoke before an audience in Miami, Florida, to announce the United States’ new policy toward Cuba.

But, before he explained just why he was pivoting away from the Obama administration’s thawing of the relationship between the the two nations, he took the time out to deliver a super-weird, arguably bigoted approximation of what he presumably thinks the crowd around him talks like.


“I am thrilled to be back here with all of my friends in (pause) Little Havanaaaaaaaah,” Trump exclaimed, excitedly pumping his hands in front of him.


Now, I have some questions:

—Does Trump really think all Cubans talk like that?

—Does Trump really think anyone talks like that?

—What song was he playing on that invisible accordion, anyway?

Just a few things to ponder over the weekend!