Donald Trump says he doesn't encourage violence. Then he directly encourages violence.

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Another day, another round of "this is not a dystopian Hunger Games-esque movie we are watching but rather Donald Trump's presidential campaign."

Trump appeared on several Sunday morning shows to talk about the routine violence that now accompanies every phase of his campaign, as well as his constant encouragement of said violence.


On NBC, Chuck Todd asked him about the 78-year-old man who brutally punched a black protester in the face at a Trump rally. Trump has told his crowds he would pay for their legal fees if they commit violence. Would he pay for that man's legal fees, Todd wondered?

Trump said he never condoned violence. Then he went on to directly condone violence.


"The man got carried away," Trump said. "He's 78 years old. He loves this country. I want to see the full tape…I've actually instructed my people to look into [paying for his legal fees], yes."

For good measure, Trump also flatly told Todd that he didn't accept any responsibility for the violence accompanying his quest for the White House.


Trump also appeared on CNN, where Jake Tapper practically begged him to take his rhetoric down a notch. No dice. Trump further denied that an obviously threatening tweet towards Bernie Sanders—where Trump wrote, "Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!"—was threatening.

Good times!