Donald Trump tries to start a feud with Snoop Dogg after tax returns leak

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The morning after Rachel Maddow trumpeted the public's first glimpse of the president's tax returns during primetime on MSNBC, Donald Trump condemned the document as "FAKE NEWS" before moving on to tweeting about Snoop Dogg.


Maddow's show obtained Trump's 2005 tax return through reporter David Cay Johnston, who said the document turned up in his mailbox. Johnston emphasized Trump's years-long affinity for leaking to the press to boost his own profile on the air Tuesday night, and suggested the president himself might have leaked the two-page return. Curiously enough, the copy that Maddow held up on the air was stamped "client copy."


But, as has become Trump's deranged morning ritual, he moved right along, voicing his outrage about a days-old controversy revolving around Snoop Dogg's latest music video, which features the rapper's mock shooting of Trump.

Our president even took care to @ Snoop.


Just as the White House bizarrely insisted that Maddow's reporting on the tax returns was illegal, Trump seems to fundamentally misunderstand the protections allowed under the First Amendment. And hey, the song is pretty good.

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